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Real_Leaders - "Dr. Modir explains Addiction, how to treat it and its effects on mental health." - Oct 10, 2019

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E News - Gaga: Five Foot Two (Documentary) - "Phase one is let's try to get you out of this intense pain that's in your face where you feel like you're running from the tidal all the time."-"I know there's a component of psych that Dr. Modir is working on. Phase two, let's try to get the muscles to reeducate. Phase three, we do the blood spinning to try to cause regeneration."- Sep 22nd, 2017               Featured Videos

The Oz Show - "In his groundbreaking interview with Dr. Oz, Charlie Sheen agrees to receive help from Dr. Shahla Modir, a psychiatrist who specializes in mental health issues like mania and bipolar disorder." - Jan 18th, 2016










































































In his face-to-face studio interview with Charlie Sheen, Dr. Oz reveals his desire to help Sheen not just chase a cure for HIV, but chase a cure for himself.


The Doctors Show - "'Teen Mom' Star’s Mental Health Misdiagnosis?" - Nov 25th, 2015










































After a doctor diagnosed her with bipolar disorder, “Teen Mom” star Kailyn says she began treatment for the disorder but felt that something wasn’t right. She reached out to The Doctors for a second opinion and met with psychiatrist Shahla Modir. Find out what Dr. Modir says about Kailyn’s mental health.


The Doctors Show - "Debating the Effectiveness of Ketamine Injections for Treating Depression" - Nov 04th, 2015





















Anesthesiologist and founder of the Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles, Dr. Steven Mandel, and psychiatrist Dr. Shala Modir debate whether ketamine injections, which have not been approved by the FDA for use in the treatment of depression, are actually effective in curbing the symptoms of the painful condition.


The Doctors Show - "Nootropics" - October 05th, 2015











































The Doctors discuss the potential risk of some over-the-counter supplements that claim to sharpen your focus and boost your memory. - "Scott Stapp seizes bipolar diagnosis as declaration of hope, new life directive" - September 16th, 2015

Dr. Oz Show - "Creed’s Scott Stapp on Life After Addiction" - September 15th, 2015






















Scott Stapp explains why he feels that love saved his life. Plus, psychiatrist Dr. Shahla Modir discusses the effects of bipolar disorder.



Shape Magazine - "Harmless Addictions" - September 01, 2013




  1. Fess up - to yourself and others.  "Shame fuels addictions," says Shahla Modir, M.D., of the Avalon Malibu and SOBA Recovery Centers in Malibu, CA.  "Recognizing the problem is the first step."

  2. Ask for assistance.  Reach out to a family member, friend, health care provider, or a self-help line.

  3. Get real.  Writing down the dmaage your addiction has done to you and your loved ones will remind you to abstain, says Modir.

  4. Nip stress in the bud.  Meditation can help you sstay strong when the urge to relapse strikes.

  5. See an expert.  "Many behavioral addictions overlap with mental health disorders like dperession and anxiety," says Modir, so get screened.


Dr. Oz Show - "Marijuana: Why It's Prescribed" - March 28, 2011






















Doctors prescribe medical marijuana to treat cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, glaucoma and migraines. But is it addictive? Dr. Oz shares his research and the audience weighs in.

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